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Comments, questions, slaps upside the head all go here! Please don't feel hesitant to give me anything you've got: I love feedback, positive or negative, and I'll be happy to explain myself or work on any problems.

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[Hanekoma's too cool to record a message. If you got him, you oughta know what to do.

Reply at the sound of the beep. Beeeeeep.]
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Been nice an' quiet lately! I've gotta say, though, it's nice ta get an easy week ta round out the year. Even spotted a couple familiar treats myself! And I've still got a bit a mochi left if anybody wants it. Ask quick, I'm gonna eat it myself if you don't. [He grins.] Shame natto's not a New Year's food, ya know? I've been missin' it.

Wonder if our next one's gonna be tough ta make up for it? Well... they do say oni laugh when ya start talkin' about the future. Better not tempt any that might be hangin' around.

Instead a that, how about ya tell me what you're plannin' for the new year?

Sounds like we have some interestin' things goin' on.

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[Hanekoma's grinning as casually as ever, but he looks a little flushed, and are those dark circles under his eyes?

That's definitely a drippy-looking nose. Maybe he shouldn't have been running around in short sleeves and sandals after all.]

Heyyyy! Had fun with your party?

I was just wonderin' if anybody out there's got tea leaves they're willin' ta trade. I prefer green, but I'll take black or herbal if that's what you've got.

[Thoughtful.] I can trade ya fresh eggs, meat, or --

[He turns the camera to display a half-finished tempera mural in black and white covering one wall of his room -- it's a boldly outlined forest of graffiti-style skyscrapers seen from above, dwindling down to tiny streets under a brilliant sky.] --we can work out a trade for some wall art.

[He pauses to stifle a hacking cough.] Speak up quick, just in case goin' out gets tricky again in a day or two!
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[The video jars on with a crunching noise, and a wild blur of sky and ground and wall, and then another crunch and blur before it hits the ground for a third time and comes to a stop. Good thing the PCDs are sturdy.

It steadies on a view of Hanekoma swinging in decreasing circles, upside down, one foot firmly caught in a man-sized rope snare.

Distantly, a good ear might make out some really imaginative swearing. Looks like he's found one of those shiny new traps. He struggles to get at his foot for several minutes, then his head turns, checking to either side, and a large pair of white wings unfold out of nothingness behind him.

A couple of seconds of energetic flapping shakes a couple palm-sized bits of down loose and gets him close enough to upright to slash that rope. His landing is nearly graceful, and he reaches down to pick up the PCD -

And then notices it's broadcasting.

For an instant, he looks furious, and then the expression is erased by a wry smirk.]

Watch your step, guys an' girls. Looks like we've got a prankster runnin' arou--

[His sentence ends abruptly as his sunglasses clamp teeth down on his nose. The feed ends a split second later.]
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[Hanekoma's found a smooth flat rock and another, cupped one somewhere; the PCD set up on his windowsill catches his face and part of the stone, scraping rhythmically as he grinds something to powder between the two. He glances sideways at it.]

So we've got tombstones out there now, huh. Guess the city's gettin' itself decorated for the holidays... though we're a little late for Obon here. Haven't heard of anybody havin' trouble with the fog -- did I miss anythin' or is that part just window dressin'?

[He's silent for a moment, the sound of stone on stone filling the pause. Attention still on his work, he eventually speaks offhandedly.]

It's interestin', too. I've spotted a few familiar names already.

[No one he didn't already know was dead; but then, he doesn't have too many friends who aren't. Goes with the territory. A few more swipes, and he lifts a hand, rubbing black powder thoughtfully between thumb and forefingers..]

About right... Oh yeah, if anybody has a decent knife or some carpentry tools they're willin' to trade, I'm takin' commissions for small murals. Landscape, modern, portrait, we can talk. It'll be monochrome unless you've got extra paint colors squirreled away.
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Hey, Willow! Sorry for takin' so long, I think I've got something workin' most of the time. Bit busy last week.

[Between apple picking, scavenging and crisis management... what he wouldn't give for some nice convenient civilization.] Can send it by if ya wanna take a look.

Second order a business: anybody here keep chickens, and how much you want in trade for a layin' hen or two? I can try scavengin' up some stuff for ya, bang together furniture, your call. Any other kind of bird's fine too, just so long as the eggs're a decent size. Thanks.

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You guys usually have weather like this? Nothin' but rain and sleet... it's enough to get anybody down. [He looks back at the video feed, grinning.]

That said, since the weather's keepin' me in, thought I'd bug ya all with a question or two.

First, I'm tryin' ta fix up a place to stay. This place doesn't happen to've dragged in a hardware store or somethin', does it? Anyplace I could pick up some tools? Be nice ta get my hands on a bit of paint an' plaster, too.

Second thing is I've been hearin' a lot about what happened last week, and somebody told me weird things happen every other week 'round this joint. Anybody willin' to tell me stories about what they've seen when? You never know, maybe we can figure out what's comin' if we look at what's happened before.
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[The video clicks on and plays over part of a vividly colored graffiti mural – only part, because it cuts off sharply after three feet as the wall entirely changes color and composition. Half of a guy on a skateboard is visible before the cutoff line.] Would ya look at that? Heartbreakin'. Awful clean edge for new construction, too.

Whoever's doin' the décor and staffin' around here oughta think a little harder about what they're draggin' in.

[A hand reaches into the frame, rubbing a finger absently over the dividing line on the wall, and the video snaps off. Audio continues, the voice deliberately casual.] Now, from all the chatter I'm hearin' on this thing I've got plenty of company. Anybody got a minute to clue a guy in?

Wouldn't mind directions back to Shibuya either, but I'll take directions to the nearest civilized chunk of this place if that's all ya got. [He chuckles.] I could use a cuppa coffee. Somethin' tells me I got up on the wrong side of the bed.
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Being an Angel, Hanekoma can read minds, detect power levels (he won't be able to pinpoint exactly what your character can do, but he can identify how powerful s/he is) and use his artwork to influence people.

Obviously, whether your character sees & is influenced by his art is entirely up to you and I won't be assuming either way! He won't be reading minds without permission, though, so if you'd like him to be able (or want to make sure that he DOESN'T) overhear your character's surface thoughts if they're interacting in person, please tell me here!

Thanks ~
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So now we've got some full size monsters, huh? Seems like a good week for stickin' close to home, between those things out there and the snow.

I've gotta admit I'm gettin' a bit sick of the homebody life over here, though - anybody got a decent pair a shoes size 25 or bigger? I'll trade ya coffee beans or an art commission for those. Same goes if you've got a bottle of liquor lyin' around anywhere.

If ya do and you're not livin' in Latimir... we'll work somethin' out for pickup. Stay in.
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[Yeah, that cut-off little snap! noise might've been a shock, but it's a little hard to tell from the unruffled Japanese drawl as the video comes on to show a section of wall splashed with brightly colored graffiti art. The image pans over a tree dripping red and yellow, leaves swirling into a blue cloud, fish leaping over crosses that cast writhing shadows that bleed into a riotous nebula of green and gold. A few small drifts of snow have collected at the bottom edge of the wall.]

Just so ya know for the next couple days: Caution, wet paint. Anybody wanna name another spot around here that needs spicin' up?

[The video feed pans back to Hanekoma's grinning face, looking a little worse for wear without eyebrows and stubble noticeably patchier than usual.]

Speakin' of things that could use work... hey Alpha, you got a roaster in that coffee shop, and can I borrow it for a batch or two?

Anybody wants to talk me into trading some coffee beans for brewin' or sproutin', just make an offer.

[ooc; open for commentlogs if anyone happens to be walking by Latimir; Hanekoma's mural is on the dilapidated building next door.]
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[after this...]

[Between the freezing wind and the group of zombies he'd had to flee from, Hanekoma arrived at the Latimir apartments in an even fouler mood than he'd been in when Minamimoto had hit him with the exploding penguin. He couldn't feel his toes. He could, unfortunately, feel his face.]

[He took a deep breath and let himself into the building. No point in brooding. It had been a good shot. And as revenge for putting Sho's clothing up for sale, well, it was about as subtle as he could have expected. Less annoying than the broken leg he'd had a few months back....]

[Trying to convince himself that the irritation wasn't worth the effort, he stalked up the stairs. Of course, it wasn't worth it. It was just that he hadn't seen it coming. And he was not used to that. Least of all from an ex-Reaper with an exploding penguin.]

[Well. No helping it. If he was lucky, he'd get back to his apartment to clean up and assess the damage without running into anyone on the way....]
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...Well, now, that's funny.

I could've sworn I was back in Shibuya for a couple seconds there. Guess my mind was playin' tricks on me. That lovely lakeshore sure isn't anything I'd expect in Tokyo.

Sure isn't anything I'd expect in my apartment, either, and I recognize this little note they left me.

Hey there, Discedo.

Lemme guess - it's been a while?

I'd appreciate somebody fillin' me in while I make my way back to less soggy ground. Just how long has it been? Seems a bit colder than the last time I was here.

By the way, if anyone listenin' to this thing has a hand on the controls of whatever you use to drag us here, leave me a bit longer next time, won't ya? I could've grabbed a bag of beans.


Sep. 1st, 2009 09:57 pm
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( public | Japanese audio | text translation )

Hey Josh, bad news - looks like the library's lost everythin' except the fiction section and some how-to books. Not that the fiction isn't interestin' stuff. I could probably drop some by your place on my way back home.

That said... it has been way too long since I worked on a canvas that was the right size.

Anybody wanna point me at a boring wall with a good view?
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Heyyy, Catnip, got that painting done for ya. It's down here if you wanna come get it - otherwise, my leg's doin' well enough that I can drag it upstairs for ya. Got a preference?

And the camera goes to video, focusing in on a section of a carefully smoothed and painted board. )
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She's been gone for a couple days now, and her frequency's off the network... so it looks like Shiki's been sent back to Shibuya. She'll be doin' all right back there, if I recall correctly.

About her box of cloth... anybody takin' over that sewing club she had planned? Wanna look after it? Materials oughta be used properly.

How's that cold of yours doin', Catnip?
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So we've got earthquakes again... I haven't felt any tremors over here, though. Anyone know what might be goin' on over there?

That aside... I've been stuck in here more'n long enough. Gotta keep myself entertained somehow. Anyone up for a card game? Poker, blackjack; anything but solitaire. I'm settin' up in the front hall of Latimir.


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